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Outstanding lawyers with a big heart are a cut above mere good ones. Attorney Leon J. Frommer is not only exemplary in the legal arena, he is worthy of trust because he gets the job done expediently balanced with compassion. When my car got totaled in a MVA two years ago, I sought his assistance based on glowing recommendations from a church family. I praise God for designating him to be my advocate, counselor, and representative in a battle I am clueless to begin with. He diligently tackled my personal injury case and fought strategically to get a settlement up to the maximum policy limit despite the hurdles of a raging global pandemic. With Mr. Frommer on the frontline, the maze of uncertainties seemed less perplexing. With most days overwhelmed with pain, he showed me empathy that made a world of difference in the pain relief management steps he directed me to pursue. He gently guided me to get back on track whenever I lost vision of our purpose and goal even if he sounded like a “broken record.” The exceptional professionalism he manifested by breaking the big legal jargon chunks into smaller pieces made this tedious and lengthy process clearer and manageable. At various points of wanting to give up, he relentlessly followed through and his tenacity was more than uplifting each time as his words of wisdom were comforting enough to help me regain hope and confidence. Above all, the peace of mind with Mr. Frommer and his kind assistant, Leny, in my legal team is priceless. For a job well done, Team Frommer deserves a shoutout of gratitude and cheers of appreciation. Thank you for being an instrument of blessings. Yay and to God be all the glory! Maraming salamat po, Law Offices of Leon J Frommer!

-Stephanie Alberto

Having Frommer Law by my side during the recovery of my rear ended car accident in 2019 was one of the best decisions made… Mr. Frommer worked so hard to get the settlement I deserved. He’s very caring, professional and most importantly does everything that needs to get done while you focus on your recovery. He gave me a peace of mind. I truly appreciate his dedication, commitment and determination. Thank you very much Leon.

Many Blessings to you and Leny…

-Gabby Ramos

First, I want to say I rarely write reviews for anything but I felt compelled to write a review to acknowledge Leon Frommer and his entire legal team for the wonderful job they did to assist us in securing Naturalized US Citizenship for my wife.

We were at least 15 years overdue in filing due to unexpected life events and being busy working adults. We were nervous and unclear if we would have a favorable outcome due to the amount of time that had passed but Leon and his team, including Art Cardenas, assured us that everything would go smoothly and that we should be able to pass the interview with no issues once that time comes. In August 2019, we finally decided to submit the application under the thorough and careful guidance of the Frommer Law team.

Several months had passed. We finally got the first of several notifications to appear for fingerprinting. We thought the interview would soon follow but unfortunately the pandemic started and slowed the application process down. However, once again, Leon and his team assured us that everything would be just fine. Several months had passed by. We finally got the notice to appear for the interview with the US Immigration and Naturalization Department in Los Angeles in October 2020.

The interview was a total success. Leon, Art Cardenas and the Frommer Law Team carefully guided us along the way, step by step. We truly feel that a successful outcome would not have been possible without the expert legal advice and compassion they demonstrated. The Frommer Law Team did a FANTASTIC job! I highly recommend them for your immigration and various other legal needs. We want to express our deep appreciation and thank you for such a wonderful job! THANK YOU!

-Kirk B.

Attorney Leon Frommer was the Attorney I chose to represent me in my San Juan Capistrano sidewalk trip and fall injury, accident case.

Mr. Frommer has a calming demeanor, taking on the pressure that would normally be the clients. Mr. Frommer instantly puts you at ease when called to his office to gather information needed for him to fight on your behalf. He is easy to talk to, is patient and diligent in tediously gathering information from many sources. He made me feel at ease during the entire process, helping me get compensation for the pain and suffering I experienced.

Mr. Frommer’s years of experience, and knowledge gave me a secure feeling. He gave advice that was always in my best interest.

Leon Frommer is companionate, honest, and polite. And was never impatient with me when I didn’t understand the legal terminology. He was kind enough to explain everything until I understood it, as we moved forward in my case.

I feel that my Attorney, Leon Frommer, did an exceptional job on my trip and fall, injury, accident case. It was because of his hard work, and knowledge that I was awarded more than I thought I would have gotten.

His secretary, Lenny, is also an asset to Mr. Frommer’s firm. She’s very efficient and was quick to gather information for my case when asked.

He would be my first choice if I ever need an attorney to fight for me again. I am very satisfied with the outcome of my case, thanks to my Attorney, Leon Frommer!


-Mrs. Irwin

“Yessss!!!! Atty. Leon J Frommer and Mr. Art Cardenas, we made it!!! For 1 year and 5 months of processing my papers in USCIS, I got my green card now . I can say that my case is different from the others, it is really complicated. But with your help, you made everything possible. My husband and I really thankful for helping us made our dream come true. More power to your office and congratulations for the job well done!”

-Emily Holm

“Mr. Frommer is the BEST! He is very passionate about helping his clients and is very good at what he does. His work ethic is impressive too. I highly recommend anyone doing business with this attorney. If Mr. Frommer can’t help you…no one can!”

-Anny Riveron

“The Law Offices of Leon Frommer had helped me resolve my problems when I got rear ended. More than a wrecked car, the accident had left me with lower back injuries and Atty. Frommer had given me the best legal advise for my situation with the goal of getting my car repaired and most importantly to help attain healing from my injuries by availing every possible treatments and therapies. I was able to go through the case and settlement with ease because Atty. Frommer was behind me. I gave him my full trust knowing that he will only give me the right legal advise and approach the case with dignity. More than being my lawyer in the case, he also showed concern over my health which I appreciated because I would not have been assertive enough to say “I am injured” but because of him I regained my health with no to minimal back pain. I believe trust, dignity and respect is the heart of the Law Offices Of Leon J. Frommer.”

-Kim Espinar

“I would like to thank you Atty Leon Frommer for being trustworthy attorney and his staff in handling my car accident back in 2018. Atty. Frommer is very informative and guided me in dealing with medical and insurance process. He was always reachable anytime I need to get some info regarding the status of my case. I was able to receive my settlement sooner than expected. And because of that I highly recommend Atty Leon Frommer and his good office.”

-Albert Rosario

“The law office of Leon Frommer is amazing. In February of 2018 I was involved in a car accident. He handled my case better than I expected. It took the stress off me so I could focus solely on my recovery. The case was handled sooner than I expected and had a better outcome than I expected. He fought hard and at the same time explained the process with patience and ease to me. He is a great, trustworthy lawyer and I recommend him and his office. Thank you so much Leon!”

-Jennifer Mandle

“I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to Mr.Leon, to his good office and to all staff as well! Thanks so much for accommodating us in the entire process of my case and I must say you guys are very friendly ,helpful, what more I can say…. overall awesome!. Thanks for your helping hand and make me understand all about my case and for always making yourselves always available whenever I got some queries. I owe the success and achievements of my immigration status to you and we do appreciate that all your efforts and patience! And because of that We Highly recommend Mr.Leon and his good office. So you too can experience their good service.”

-Maria Ne Sawatzky

“Leon Frommer handled my personal injury case with such care and knowledge. He was always reachable and trust me injury cases they can cause client’s to panic and Leon Frommer helped with the emotions as well as legal matters.

Thank you Leon for being s kind and generous and trustworthy attorney.”

-Delta D Kline

“Law offices of Leon J Frommer is one of the best lawyers in Valencia. We have worked with him for immigration on my residency status with perfect timing process and on other several matters and have been impressed on each and every one. His work ethic, attention to detail, and overall legal abilities are outstanding. He has a friendly and caring team that works with him all along. If you are looking to retain one of the best attorneys in California. We highly recommend and endorse Mr Leon Frommer.”

-Danny and Daniela

“I had a car accident back in 2015 and Mr. Frommer handle my claim with his expertise and knowledge. From all the stress I was going through with the insurance company, Mr. Frommer made me feel at ease. He did more than just the legal side, he was very supportive and compassionate towards me and to all of his clients. I’m so glad Mr. Frommer handle my claim. Thank you so much Leon!!”

-Leny Antigua

“I had a car accident three years ago, and at the time I was very weary of pursuing my case since it was the third in a period of 4 years. It was not an easy case and the insurance company low balled my settlement and offered a very low amount. Leon did not give up and through his perseverance and hard work, my case settled for the policy limit, three years later. At the time I was also working as his assistant so I am well aware of the time and dedication he puts into his work. I would like to mention too, how he was very supportive of me when I had to leave his office to pursue my education and dream career. Thank you Leon for guiding me through this and helping me through to what could have been a difficult three years ! Special thanks to his new assistant, Leny, for your hard work.”

-Yolanda Guzman

“I am so thankful to have been your client. You always made yourself readily available and helped me to understand the process’s of my case. At the end when I was finally diagnosed with CRPS you looked beyond yourself and obtained further means to not only make sure I won my case but was provided additional compensation to cover my future medical bills. Thank you for everything Leon. Not only for all the time and hours you gave over the past 4yrs, but mostly for just being you!”

-Shelle Greene

“When I was involved in my car accident, I was nervous to take action, get treatment, and deal with the other party. It was honestly a bit overwhelming. I was referred by a friend to work with Leon Frommer and I’m soo glad I did! Once he took on my case, I did not have to deal with the other party at all. I only dealt with Leon, and his very kind and helpful assistant Lenny. He is very detailed and thorough. If I had any questions or concerns he himself would be so gracious to speak with me. It’s nice to be able to speak directly to the one who will be fighting for you. He is very friendly, warm, and incredibly helpful. I feel like he got to know me, how I live, and really truly understood how the accident affected me and my family. This was the first time I ever worked with a lawyer and Mr. Frommer made everything smooth, easy, and stress free. I would not hesitate to call him for anything else that I may need. Thank you for everything Leon!”

-LaToya Haley

“I was in a three-car accident back in November of 2015. Thanks to the Law Offices of Leon J. Frommer and his team, I was able to receive my settlement sooner than expected. Mr. Frommer is very informative and has guided me through the difficult process of dealing with medical and insurance claims. It’s never easy to go through something so unexpected like this alone. Yet, Mr. Frommer has made this whole ordeal a much better experience than what I had anticipated. I surely will recommend Mr. Frommer to family and friends… I truly appreciate his upbeat attitude and expertise.”


“I was referred to the law offices of Leon Frommer after I was involved in a car accident which totaled my vehicle. Leon was always professional and made things much easier for me during this stressful time. My case was resolved sooner than I expected and I appreciate everything that he’s done for me!”

-Miki Abe

“It has been such a pleasure to work with Mr. Frommer on our Estate planning.

You have been able to explains this paperwork in a manner that we could understand and made us realize that a lot more was involved than just making a will. You have help us to understand the importance of planning for all that could happen to us in the future and to make it easier for our family later on.

Preparing our wills, power of attorney , the health advance directives and the revocable trust with such details considering all our wishes and demands, you did a superb job of it all in a timely manner.

Your dedication to make sure that nothing was forgotten and that everything was in our satisfaction has proven to be your greater asset of all. Thank you to have made this process as painless as it can possibly be.

We will recommend your services to everyone.”

-JPD and MBD

“The Law Offices of Leon J. Frommer helped me immensely in attaining my student visa (F-1 visa). My case was quite complicated. It began when I travelled to the US with a tourist visa (B1/B2 visa) and, while on vacation, I decided to stay and further my studies. My status was successfully changed in the US from tourist to student. A year later, I went home to visit family for the holidays. Since I needed to get a student visa, I applied for one at the US Consulate in Manila to return to the US; however, I was denied. My supposedly two-week visit in Manila turned into five months. The Law Offices of Leon J. Frommer was tremendously helpful in processing my student visa and preparing me for my second interview. They were very hands on with my case, looked into every detail and worked with accuracy. With their knowledge, time and efforts, I was successfully granted my student visa on my second interview. I am now back in the US continuing my studies.”


“Enough can’t be said about Leon. I was involved in a serious head on collision that was not my fault and sustained injuries to my lower back that eventually resulted in surgery. I was being completely ignored by the other driver’s insurance company when I rejected their nuisance value settlement offer. Then, I retained Leon and he got me the other driver’s entire policy which took care of my medical bills and compensated me for my pain and suffering. Leon was professional, handled my case aggressively, always responded to my correspondence and always returned my phone calls in a timely manner. I highly recommend his law firm.”

-Xavier T.

“I was very happy with the work Attorney Leon Frommer did for me after my car accident in 2010. With his help, I was able to get another car, medical treatments, and monetary compensation.

I was able to get a check from the other insurance company in a timely manner, to help me get another car, since my car was totalled.

He also assisted in helping me get medical treatments (orthopedics, physical therapy and chiropractics) for my injuries…1) Right Knee- Torn Meniscus, 2) Headaches, and 3) Stiffness to my Neck and Back.

Mr. Frommer was diligent in working with the other party’s insurance company- in my monetary compensation for pain and suffering, and medical bills.

In addition to all the work he’s done, he has helped me a great deal in alleviating the stress and worries that comes with this type of situation.

I am very grateful for all he’s done for me. Thanks Leon!”

-Maria L.

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