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Immigration Reform Bill

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Are You getting prepared For What Could Be The Biggest Immigration Reform Bill In 25 Years?

The Latest News:

President Obama is looking to sign a new comprehensive immigration reform bill that could legalize up to 11.5  million undocumented workers and create a new Program for low skilled foreign labor (possibly caregivers and agricultural workers) and would permit highly skilled workers (e.g. Information Technology)  into the country for higher levels than is currently allowed.

As the bill is currently written, applicants must have arrived in the United States before December 31, 2011 and maintained continuous physical presence, must not have felony convictions or more than 2 misdemeanors on their record and pay $500.00 penalty plus filing fees.

Get Ready, Get Ready! With immigration there is always a lot of documentation that you must have in place before you can file any application. For example, birth certificates, marriage and tax documents. US Immigration will want to trace your history as far back as possible in order to decide your case.

ACT NOW! As immigration attorneys we want to start working with you now to get you ready as far as possible so that if or when this legislation passes, you’re good to go. It’s crucial that you do not leave it until the last moment because if quotas are involved and they apply to your case, by the time you have your documents together it just might be TOO LATE !!

Preparation Fee Deposit: Because we don’t know for sure if or when this legislation will pass (predicted to become law before the end of the year), we are willing to get started on your case right now for a non-refundable deposit of $100.00.  For this fee we’ll open a file for you, discuss and work with you to help get as much of your documentation together as possible. We will put you on our mailing list and will keep you fully up to date. As soon as the bill becomes law and is in the final form, we will have your case ready in no time and you will arrange for the payment of the balance of the fees then. (Actual Fees to be determined).